Travel guides for cycling in Laos


Laos is an ideal destination for cycling tourists to enjoy Lao laid-back lifestyle as well as wonderful landscapes. Here are some spectacular cycling places for cycling lovers.

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Discovering the capital of Laos on two wheels, you have a chance to see lush, green rice paddies hidden behind tree-lined pathways. In addition, what is better than cycling along the Mekong River and enjoying awesome views between Laos and Thailand. Moreover, some temples are worth visiting such as Wat Sisaket – the oldest temple here with more than 8000 Buddha statues, Wat Ho Phra Keo – a national museum of religious art temple, Wat That Luang – a symbol of Buddha religion. The Tad Moon Waterfall with a various of rock formations is also a highlight for cyclists when in Vientiane. Ban Tontam village is considered as an ideal site for bikers’ lunch because of the nice “Sala” (meeting hall) surrounded by a beautiful pond and nearby Phou Khao Khouay mountain.

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Luang Prabang

The first place you must bike across in the UNESCO World Heritage City is the stunning Kuang Si Waterfalls and Bears Rescue Centre. Another attraction for cyclists is to view the sunset over the Mekong River. Besides, cycling to villages is the best method to experience local people’s life. For example, at the Elephant Village, bikers can wash, ride and learn how to train elephants; at Whisky Village, they have an opportunity to try the local whiskey made with all sorts of snakes and insects; etc. Additionally, there are numerous temples and monasteries which are suitable for cyclists explore.

Vang Vieng

Visiting Vang Vieng by a bicycle, you will be attracted by green rice paddy fields, huge limestone karsts. Interesting activities cyclists can be try are planting rice by hand, caring for goats, feeding pigs with the locals. Cycling to small villages, you will see basic bamboo houses surrounded bunches of banana trees and little vegetable gardens. It is really great if you can take part in the Jungle Party – one of biggest events of Vang Vieng. Moreover, attractions of this peace town are charming caves like Tham Sang, Tham Phu Kham, Tham Hoi, etc.; and challenging doings like tubing, kayaking on the river, jumping right into the water from the tree, etc.

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The most attractive place of Phonsavan is Plain of Jars which is known as a historical site of Laos, the world’s unsolved mystery. At this place, walking around the enigmatic jars is a fascinating experience. According to the Laotians, a thousand of the carved stone jars here is over 2000 years old and used to be drinking vessels for giant inhabitants living in the area many years ago. Beyond jars, cyclists take a sightseeing scenic rice paddies, low-lying valleys and old pagodas. Riding to Phonsavan, they can see Phou Bia mountain – the highest one of the country. Local food is famous for sour swallow. From August to September yearly, the locals catch and put swallows in a container for ferment.

Luang Namtha

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There are many different ethnic villages which are available for cyclists’ excursion. The most popular one is the Lantern minority village of Ban Nam Dee. Cyclists can see villagers wearing traditional indigo dyed costumes and participate in making bamboo paper. Agricultural crops on the river bank, traditional plots of mint, chili and many other food plants are shown in the Tai Dam village. If you want to enjoy Lao rice whiskey, let go to the Black Tai Lao Lao village where has huge stone urns of sticky rice fermenting into whiskey. Besides, Nam De – a pretty waterfall is a place making bikers feel no longer jaded, tired because of its beauty.

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