Phonsavan activities at night


Phonsavan, Laos is not recognizable for the nightlife hubs; rather, this city is mostly laid-back when the night falls. Luckily, there are some certain restaurants and bars for the party holidaymakers to experience the real Phonsavan nightlife. Let us figure out the ideal party establishments to savor the sundowner and see how the Phonsavan locals live at night.

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Bars and Restaurants opposite Maly Hotel

The bars and restaurants that face Maly Hotel are the favorite haunts of the party boys and girls to enjoy the cool drinks as well as the beautiful lake view. When you come to any of nightspots opposite Maly Hotel, do remember to order the Laos beer and fresh dish, which are very scrumptious. So, just wander around the area opposite Maly, you’re guaranteed to come across the eye-catching bars.

Kicking Disco at Chittavanh Hotel

Kicking Disco at Chittavanh Hotel

The night entertainment in Chittavanh Hotel is energetic with the disco and karaoke room. Also, this splurge place serves the traditional Laos dishes. The disco is the popular haunt for the fun-loving young locals and the expats. If you prefer the authentic local tastes for both cuisine and nightlife, just come to the nightclub in Chittavanh and spend some hours there to count down the evening hours!

Bamboozle Restaurant and Bar

Besides standing out as the ideal place to have brunch and dinner, Bamboozle is also noted for the nightlife service. With the extensive menu of Western and Laos food, this ambient restaurant-and-bar spot has lots of interesting traits for the patrons to order and savor at leisure. The frequently ordered foods should always be the mulberry pancake, burger, baguette, and yogurt. Please note that Bamboozle is often jammed with tourists during the rush hours, and the best time to have dinner here is about 21:00.

Navang Craft Center

Plain of Jars

Navang is the family-run craft center that is recognizable for the unique wooden items predominantly made from the rare wood. This is the fantastic place for travelers to buy gifts and souvenirs, and make their stay in Phonsavan more memorable with the special woodcarving art. You are welcomed to see how the carvers work to create the artworks and then buy the favorite stuff. Though this center closes early around 20:00 every day, it is still the not-to-miss establishment for handicraft and shopping in Phonsavan after the sunset.

As already stated, Phonsavan doesn’t have many boisterous hubs for the night owls; therefore, some young party individuals may claim that it’s quite boring to stay overnight in this laid-back city. And, that is the hard truth! But let’s face the fact that Phonsavan used to undergo the terrible past of the war and the exploded bombs. The reasons that attract tourists to Phonsavan lie in its proximity to the inexplicable Plain of Jars, the brave spirits of the locals during the wartime, and lots of war remnants for the history enthusiasts to witness.

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